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How to Apply Bias Binding as a Facing to a V-Neck (an excerpt from my Refashioners 2016 “Jeanius” project)

It’s my turn today in Portia’s August spectacular blog series “The Refashioners”. This year the theme is “Jeanius” and I’m not going to give the whole game away here, so hop over to Portia’s blog to see the whole shebang.

attaching bias binding as a facing to a vneck

However, what I did end up doing with my project was, without even planning to, write a detailed step-by-step tutorial for how to achieve my favourite edge finish on a V-neck. So I’m going to just share that bit as a mini self-contained tutorial. Here goes:

 1.  Position the end of the bias binding beyond the intersection of the two seam allowances at the point of the V neck on the right side of the garment and pin in place. (I also tacked mine in place to make sure I was super accurate at the point of the V – start your tacking at the intersection of the two seam allowances at the point of the V and tack along the crease line in the binding.)

how to attach bias binding as a facing to a v-neck1

2.  It helps to pin the overhanging end of the binding back on itself so that when the other end of the binding reaches the intersecting seam allowances at the point of the V you can place it in exactly the right place.

how to attach bias binding as a facing to a v-neck2

3.  Your tacking should stop in exactly the same position at the point of the V as it started on the other end of the binding. Machine in place.

how to attach bias binding as a facing to a v-neck3

4.  Snip into the seam allowance of the garment as close as you dare to the point of the V.

how to attach bias binding as a facing to a v-neck4

5.  Let the bias binding fold back on itself to cover your stitching and then fold it around completely to the inside of the neck.

how to attach bias binding as a facing to a v-neck5

6.  The two ends of the bias binding will overlap each other.

how to attach bias binding as a facing to a v-neck6

7.  Wrap one end of the binding around the other.

how to attach bias binding as a facing to a v-neck7

8.  Cut off the longer end of the bias binding that isn’t tucked under and pin and tack the whole of the binding in position close to the loose edge.

how to attach bias binding as a facing to a v-neck8

9. Machine the binding in place from the right side of the garment following your tacking.

NOTE: some people like to understitch the first line of machining (after step 4). It can help to keep the binding on the wrong side of the garment. I don’t always understitch, only if I’m working with particularly bouncy fabric.

Ta-dah here’s how it turned out on my Refashioners project:


If you fancy having a go at making your own bias binding, you can find my tutorial for making continuous strip bias binding here, it’s quick and a really thrifty way to use up leftover fabrics – a 47cm square can make 7.5m of bias binding!!

All My Sewing With Knits Tutorials & Guides – all in one place!


I’ve created a new category: “Sewing with Knits” it links to everything I’ve ever written on sewing with stretch knit fabrics so it’s easier for you to find.


Is Sewing Good For You?


Dear lovely reader, I’m writing something about the positive effects (mental + physical) of sewing, crafting and making with your hands. Do you have experiences (either yours or witnessed in others) that you are willing to share and would be happy to be quoted on?

I can keep names anonymous if you’d rather, just let me know. If you prefer, you can email me on post{at}

Thank you!

Make-It-Yourself March – list of daily topics!

miymarch daily list make-it-yourself march

So, are you going to be joining me and Crafty and Cake for a whole month of noseying at what other people are stitching?!

Make-It-Yourself March or MIYmarch will be starting on Sunday. The full monty description of what’s involved and how to play is here.

I’m looking forward to seeing your pics…….

Make-It-Yourself March – want to join in?

MIY March - make it yourself march instagram

In celebration of sewing and dressmaking and the Sewing Bee on television and all things you made yourself, me and Emma aka Crafty & Cake are hosting a month long photo-a-day challenge over on Instagram.  We want to know what you’re making, what you want to make, your making inspiration, where you make, what you make with and your best and worst making moments!

Each day will have a theme that we’ll post at the start of the day and you just need to post a sewing and/or dressmaking-related photo or photos on Instagram, tag us (@thewendyward and @craftyandcake) and use the hashtag #miymarch

Hopefully you’ll be inspired by everyone else’s photos, meet some new online buddies and have a bit of fun appreciating the fruits of your labours! Every day Emma and I will choose our favourite 4 images to showcase at the end of the day.

What’s not to like?!

You can play on Twitter too – use the same names @thewendyward and @craftyandcake and the #miymarch hashtag and let’s celebrate your dressmaking achievements, inspirations, secrets and sewing goals.

Celebrate Making It YOURSELF!!

A Festive Gift From Me to You

bgtdm competition winners

Subscribers to my newsletter received a little festive thank you offer in their inboxes this afternoon.

Those that know me know that I don’t really “do” special offers or discounts.

Want to be included? Sign-up here.

British Sewing Awards – MIY Workshop was 3rd!

SEW 3rd Place LogoI had some pretty impressive news last week, MIY Workshop came 3rd in Sew Magazine’s British Sewing Awards in the “Best for Sewing Courses/Workshops” category.

I have to admit that usually nothing less than the best is good enough for me, but this was a national competition open to the many businesses teaching people to sew across the UK, so I’m actually rather chuffed with 3rd.

And, dear reader, this is mostly down to you, as I relied on you first of all to nominate me back in September of last year and then to vote for me, so a big thank you bear hug from me to you.

MIY Workshop seems to be on a bit of a roll this year……

Some new afterWard animal badges

I added some new animal badges for the open studio at MIY Workshop during May.  I’m now finally getting around to photographing them for my Etsy and Not On The High Street online shops.

a little herd of leaping fawns

and a flock of crows.

Merry Christmas

Classes have now finished for a few weeks and will start again on Tuesday 10th January in the same venue but under a new name.  More news on that over the next few weeks!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year filled with sewing and creating.